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Is Dublin Safe for Travelers? Best tips to stay safe in 2023!

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Is Dublin Safe for Travelers? Best tips to stay safe in 2023!
If you're venturing off to Ireland's capital city, then look no further for safety tips! Ditch the unwanted stress and find out everything you should know before traveling to Dublin.

With a wealth of must-visit Dublin museums, charming castles, buzzing breweries, and top-notch attractions, there's no doubt Dublin reels in tourists year after year. But with the countless things to do in Dublin and amazing Dublin landmarks to explore, we want to make sure you stay safe traveling in Dublin.

Major crimes remain relatively low compared to its European neighbors, pinning it as a very safe city to visit. In this Dublin safety guide, we'll cover all the important details so you can kickstart the planning process and enjoy your vacation hassle-free! 

Whether you're a student traveler, a solo female visitor, or a keen backpacker, we've got you covered. We'll dive into the most common crimes to look out for as well as the most important things to know and avoid when preparing to travel to Dublin, Ireland. 

So, let's get started! 

dublin ireland streets
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Is Dublin a dangerous city? 

Whether you're a first-time foreigner or a frequent traveler, Dublin is one of the safest European cities to visit.

In fact, up to 98% of tourists reported feeling safe when visiting Dublin in 2019. That being said, as with every major city around the world, there are several precautions to take into consideration both beforehand and throughout your journey. 

Practically every shop in Dublin has security guards, helping to ensure that theft and violence are kept to a minimum. The local police, known under the name of Gardai, are spread around throughout the city, however, their presence is not as strong as other cities like Rome or Barcelona. 

Dublin Crime Rates 

According to the world's major crime index, Ireland boasts relatively low crime rates. Reports show that it's very safe to walk alone during the daytime and moderately safe to walk alone during the night. Violence and fights often occur at night, usually when the pubs and bars close.

Reported crime in Dublin is rather low, with pickpocketing, open drug use, and vandalism among the most common. The biggest problem in Dublin is the high level of drug dealers and users that operate openly on the streets.

atm machine dublin
Photo by Jake Allen on Unsplash 

Pickpocketing in Dublin

American tourists are often the biggest subjects of pickpockets in Dublin. To keep your belongings safe, have your important items locked away in a safe in your hotel or accommodation. Carry only your most essential items with you, and stay alert when frequenting the busier areas. 

Solo travelers, females, and big groups should remain extra alert when traveling to tourist attractions. Most pickpockets and muggers lurk in these districts, especially towards Grafton Street, Connolly Railway Station, and Heuston Station. 

There's no doubt that Dublin's known for its buzzing pubs and beer scene. But when the bars close, people take to the streets, and it can often get out of control. So, as with most major cities, avoid dark areas and poorly lit streets when out at night, and consider catching a cab over public transport. As for solo female travelers, you should avoid walking the streets alone at night. 

What to do if you get pickpocketed in Dublin

First things first, cancel your credit/debit card by making a phone call to your bank or through your banking app. By acting swiftly and blocking your cards, you can reduce the chances of getting all your cards maxed out.  

It's crucial that you focus on what you can control rather than getting whisked away into a state of frenzy or panic. Your cards are replaceable, thankfully! 

The top travel tip for staying safe in Dublin: don't carry your passport around. If it's absolutely necessary, take a photocopy with you. Be sure to save your passport and other important documents in the safe in your accommodation. 

If your passport gets stolen, you'll need to contact your national embassy in Dublin. From there, they can advise you of your options and help you move forward.

dublin ireland
Photo by Paul Costello on Unsplash

How to stay safe on your visit to Dublin

Opt for the right neighborhood

As with every city, there are the good parts and the bad. Whether you're a seasoned backpacker, a solo female traveler, or it's your first time visiting Dublin, choosing a safe neighborhood is essential.

Figure out the best option for you with our in-depth neighborhood guide on where to stay in Dublin. Not only is it a safety concern, you'll be able to shorten your commute time between attractions and maximize your time spent in your destinations!

Always remain alert

Be aware of your surroundings, especially at night time. In a city as vibrant as Dublin, it's a little too easy to get enchanted by the sheer magic of it all. With the handful of unique things to do, following the tourist trail can lead you to the most targeted areas. Pickpockets take particular advantage of visitors, especially in the major hot spots. 

dublin bar
Photo by George Bakos on Unsplash 

Invest in a money belt or a bum bag

Typically known as fanny packs, this small investment makes things easier when traveling! You can layer a jacket or coat over your bum bag during the cooler months, making it almost invisible to pickpockets. And, of course, if a bum bag simply isn't your style, you could opt for a money belt instead. 

Avoid leaving purses or wallets in your pockets

Your purse or wallet becomes a seamlessly easy target when kept out in plain view. If you can't go without it, ensure you've only got the essential items inside (no passports!). 

dublin neighborhood
Photo by GregoryDalleu on Unsplash

So, is Dublin safe for tourists? 

The simple answer is yes. Dublin is home to relatively low crime rates, making it a safe destination to visit in 2023. Keeping watchful while traveling, as you would in any other major city, will ensure your safety and peace of mind.

Avoiding poorly lit areas at night, especially as a backpacker or solo female traveler is strongly advised, along with being alert for pickpockets in busy tourist areas at all times. 

Ireland's bustling capital city boasts beauty all around. From the centuries-old masterpieces to the cheerful cobblestone streets, there's a particular ambiance here that is truly unique. 

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