Best Things to Do in Rome: Perfect Guide for Trip Planning!

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August 23, 2021
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Mousumi Gharami
Mousumi Gharami
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Ciao Roma! The Italian capital emerged as one of the most celebrated travel destinations in the world for more reasons than one. The Eternal City of Rome is the arena of history, art, and culture. It’s the land of La Dolce Vita and perfectly so. The subtle touch of Mediterranean climate and wild twists of Tiber has made Rome a traveler’s delight and a fabulous destination.

You can dive into the sepia-tinted tunnels of history or take a fun ride through the urban jungles. You can walk through the bustling city streets, catch mesmerizing twilights, and shop for the best brands. There are gallons of things to do and see in Rome. All you need is the right amount of planning and enthusiasm!

If you're planning for an cross-country euro trip, or if you're just looking for some inspiration, why not check out our other popular destinations and extraordinary things to do?

But for now, if you're here planning a trip with friends to Rome, we'll walk you through all the fun activities to do. We'll also highlight attractions in Rome you can't miss on your trip and provide some great dos and don'ts while you're travelling with friends in Rome.

Fun Things to Do in Rome

They say when in Rome, do as the Romans do! Quite applicable if you are looking for a fun-filled trip to Rome. It’s one of the coolest places to hang around with friends as well as solo.

If you're looking for fun things to do in Rome, Italy, we've got you covered with these unique acitivity tips for planning outings with friends.

Apart from diving into the rich history of the city, these are some of the quirky yet cool things to do in Rome while roaming Italy in Rome.

Drive Down the Streets with Fiat 500

Explore the streets of Roman neighborhoods with a dash of vintage drama! Get a Fiat 500 on rent and drive down the wilder alleys. You can book a driver too; if you don’t want to miss out on the spectacular scenarios.

Venture into Colosseum After Sunset

Skip the mainstream for a change and try venturing the Colosseum after sunset! Book the special Colosseum Night Tour where you don’t have to fight the crowd. You can sneak down underground where men and beasts used to stay before hitting the colosseum ground. 

Explore the Ostiense Mural Streets

If you wonder what attractions are free in Rome, well, murals are! If you’re on a budget-friendly mode, the best thing to do is to explore the Mural district of Rome. The Ostiense is a trendy neighborhood with extensive mural artworks and high-spirited nightlife. You’ll get the coolest party vibe with food and booze.

Enjoy a Scooter Tour

Get the best of the local flair of Rome with a rented Vespa tour. To avoid the crazy traffic, you must get a scooter driver and enjoy the ride through local markets and cafes. Visit the less-traveled corners and meet local people to add more fun to your trip.

Get Bohemian at San Lorenzo

Soak in the bohemian vibe in San Lorenzo. Thanks to the Roman University La Sapienza, you’ll find cool associations of local youngsters. Not a place of massive picturesque architecture, this place rather speaks of the damages done during WWII. For carefree yet old-school charm, head out for San Lorenzo.

Watch Sunset at Monte Mario

Though the Sun never sets in Roman Empire, you can still catch the magic of the golden hour from Monte Mario. Walk up through the cobblestoned narrow route to the top of Rome’s highest hill and cherish the spectacular sunset.

What You Cannot Miss in Rome

When planning a trip in Rome with fun activities, you'll want to mix things up and visit some historic attractions too.

What should I not miss in Rome? Rome has some timeless beauties that scream history and tradition at the same time that are great places to visit.

Here's our top 5 list of Rome landmarks that you absolutely cannot miss!

1. Peter's Basilica

Peter's basilica, Rome.
Courtesy of Turismo Roma

St. Peter's Basilica church is one of the holiest places in catholic shrines. It is the most significant church in the Christian world. Inside the church, you can find incredible masterpieces from renaissance and baroque art forms.  

2. The Pantheon

The Pantheon at Rome, Italy.
Courtesy of Turismo Roma

The pantheon is the most well-preserved and influential monument from ancient Rome. It was built for all the gods of pagan Rome. Throughout the years, it has inspired a countless number of replicas all over Europe.

3. Trevi Fountain

The Trevi fountain is an enormous structure 85 feet tall and around 65 feet in width. It contains a large pool with water pouring out from multiple resources. There is also a ritual of throwing coins in the fountain.

4. Roman Forum

The Roman forum was the scene for public gatherings, courts, and gladiatorial fights in ancient Rome. It also had various shops and other open-air markets. The Roman forum is the most prominent forum from ancient Rome.

5. Vatican Museums

Spiral staircases at the Vatican Museums
Courtesy of Turismo Roma

There are 26 such museums located in Vatican City, Rome. These museums hold several well-known Roman Sculptures and quintessential masterpieces from the Renaissance art world. They also have around 70,000 works, out of which only 20,000 are available for public view.

The Food Checklist for Rome

Don't miss the unique gastronomical affair that the Italian capital offers you. But here's a pro tip. Eat what Romans eat. Follow the locals when it comes to food. These are some cuisines you must try here in Rome.

  • Cacio e Pepe - Cacio is a salty aged cheese made from sheep milk, and Pepe is "black pepper." Along with pasta, these three make a heavenly combination.
  • Gelato - Rome is famous for gelatos, and it is served in scoops filled with classic flavors. It is a must-try for any traveler.
  • Pizza al Taglio - The word "Pizza" is huge around Italy, and that too for very obvious reasons. So as a visitor, you must try the Italian pizza bites with buns and whipped cream. 
  • Porchetta - It is a boneless slow-roasted pig and seasoned with salt, pepper, and herbs. Just try it.

Dos and Don’ts in Rome

Well, the dos are pretty obvious. But, hey, watch out for the list of don’ts! Here in Rome, you’ll have to keep your senses awake; else, get ready to be exploited.


  • Book advance tickets to avoid long queues.
  • Learn the art of bargaining while shopping from local flea markets. Avoid eating in high-end restaurants.


  • Avoid pointing index and pinky fingers at the same time. It is considered vulgar in Rome.
  • Avoid taking any gifts from strangers. It might be a scam to lure money from you.
  • Don't eat anything inside any church or museum while in Rome.
  • Don’t sign on papers given by a stranger, it’s a scam. Also, avoid giving donations to strangers.

Plan Your Trip to Rome

So, are you all set to step into the land of myths and legends? Not yet? Then plan your next trip to Rome with Pilot’s Social Trip Planner app. You can check out our travel newsletter FlightDeck for fun-filled updates on trips, crazy stories and many more. Without further ado, call up your travel gang, pack your bags and flee!

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June 1, 2021

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