Breathtaking Landmarks You Don’t Want To Miss Out on in Dublin!

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February 23, 2022
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Armela Escalona
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Dublin's filled with amazing landmarks that most tourists simply walk past. Avoid missing out on these hidden gems and find out what these amazing landmarks in Dublin are all about!
Lanmark of Dublin by the waters
Photo by Louis Hansel on Unsplash

Dublin, one of the friendliest cities in the world, is known for its good-natured people with a great sense of humor. Whether you’re visiting the city as a tourist for the first time or planning on living like a local, Dubliners will always have your back.

With such happy, warm people, it’s not surprising that it also has lots of gems and landmarks for every visitor. Not only filled with tons of fun things to do in Dublin, the city also has some of the best and most interesting historical sites and a huge wealth of ancient architecture in all of Ireland.

Interested in visiting Dublin soon? Find your next travel destination with our list of top Dublin landmarks. 

Top Dublin Landmarks You Can't Miss

Christ Church Cathedral

This magnificent religious building is often considered the spiritual center of the city. No matter what your religion is, you are free to roam and explore the church’s interior. Taking the church’s spiraling staircase is like traveling to the past. 

Crist Church Cathedral Dublin
Photo by Jeremy Matteo on Unsplash

As one of Dublin’s oldest buildings, the structure has stood for many centuries. As one of the most impressive buildings in the city (architecture-wise), it’s no wonder it’s a famous tourist site for exhibitions and walking tours. You can also come here to listen to the heavenly voices of their church choir. 

St Patrick's Cathedral

Since the 5th century, Ireland has had citizens that were mostly Christian. Today, traces of Christian churches are all over the city of Dublin. One of the most visited is the St. Patrick’s Cathedral, a church that was built in honor of Ireland’s patron saint, St.Patrick himself. The cathedral is a picture-perfect structure with beautiful stained glass windows, a breathtaking altar, and a huge cathedral tower. The best part about this attraction? It’s free to explore and visit for tourists! 

Malahide Castle

Fans of medieval architecture will find the Malahide Castle a treasure out of all the ancient castles in the cities. This gorgeous castle is situated near a seaside village. It was believed to have been built in the 12th century by the Talbot family, a prominent ancient Irish family who have become earls of Shrewsbury and Waterford.

Trinity College 

The Trinity College of Dublin is the oldest and most renowned University of Ireland. It was founded by Queen Elizabeth I in 1592. It was also the university of famous authors such as Bram Stoker, Jonathan Swift, and Oscar Wilde. Located at the city center of Dublin, Trinity College used to be situated on monastery ruins. Today, it’s known for its impressive architecture and landscaping. Visit here to walk on its history-filled cobblestone ways and take a peek at the famous Book of Kell.  

Trinity Library Dublin
Photo by Luke Tanis on Unsplash

What is Dublin most famous for? 

There are many things to do and visit in Dublin, but if you want to visit the top-rated tourist spot, we highly recommend this historical brewing factory called “The Guinness Storehouse”.

Dublin’s most visited spot is the interactive, seven-story building known as the “Guinness Storehouse”.  This establishment located at the center of St.James Gate Brewery attracts tourists from all over the world each year. Known for its interiors that are designed to look like a pint of Guinness, this historical factory will take you on a splendid tour of the Irish brewing history.  

Cool Landmarks in Dublin: What To Do in Dublin?

Ha’penny Bridge

The Ha’penny Bridge or Liffey Bridge is a pedestrian bridge over the River Liffey in Dublin. It’s made of cast iron and has a 43-meter span and 3-meter width. Before the bridge was constructed, ferries would carry people across the River Liffey every single day. Aside from crossing the bridge to take amazing photos, you can also try kayaking under the bridge. If you’re lucky, you might also get a chance to be in time for their ‘Music Under the Bridge’ tours where the best musicians of the city perform under the bridge. 

River Liffey Bridge
Photo by Luke Tanis on Unsplash

Oscar Wilde House

Located in Merrion Square, this Dublin home is where famous writer Oscar Wilde spent his formative years. Oscar Wilde was one of history’s greatest playwrights and his home is now considered a museum.  Today, the Americal College Dublin manages house tours in the building. Tourists can visit various rooms in the house with a tour guide. 

Historical Dublin Attractions 

Dublin attractions
Photo by Lisa Fecker on Unsplash

Dublin Castle

Situated on an ancient Danish Viking fortress, the Dublin Castle was first built by King John of England in 1230. Today, it is one of the most important historical sites in Dublin County. During the British regime, the castle served as a court and site of execution and through the years it has evolved its function. 

St. Michan’s Church 

Located in Church Street, St. Michan Church is the oldest church in North Dublin. First built in 1095, inside the church are mummified remains of Dublin’s wealthiest families from the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. The most interesting fact about these mummies is that they haven’t decayed even after hundreds of years inside the vault. Here you’ll see a lush churchyard filled with tombstones and a stairway that leads you to an under-croft where you’ll find the secret vault. Private Dublin city tours inside the church allow you to visit the vaults to see dozens of coffins. 

Glasnevin Cemetery 

Want to visit the final resting place of Dublin’s famous people? Go to Glasnevin Cemtery. This almost 200-year old cemetery holds the remains of important historical figures such as Michael Colins, politician, and soldier that played a huge role in Irish independence, Brendan Behan, novelist and poet, and Luke Kelly, the famous vocalist of the band “The Dubliners”. 

The ports and bays of dublin
Photo by Jordan Harrison on Unsplash

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August 29, 2021

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