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MakeMyTrip Review [2023]: Will You Get Your Refund?

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MakeMyTrip Review [2023]: Will You Get Your Refund?
Find all you'll need to know about MakeMyTrip, a travel deals company based in India. This business claims to provide a one-stop shop for touring India. But are they actually legit?
Raeesha Ikram
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Raeesha is a freelance travel writer on a mission to reveal authentic experiences, unparalleled adventures, and sustainable travel choices the world has in store for wanderlusts. Her travel pieces encapsulate the diverse culture, heritage, and nature-bound attractions of different destinations. Besides travel, she also writes about economics, business, and linguistics.

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If you've decided on India for your next big adventure, I'm jealous. What an amazing destination choice!

But with so much to see and do, how can you make the most of your Indian vacation? Whether you're just starting to plan or you're looking for next steps after purchasing flight tickets, you should think about turning to a specialized travel booking company.

There are lots of general reservation platforms like Travelocity or Expedia. While these are fantastic options, MakeMyTrip stands out since its focus is on India travel!

Unsure why you'd want to use something like MakeMyTrip? Imagine this...

You land in an airport, take a cab to the hotel, depart the next day to another location by bus, and depart from there the day after by train. You go on like that using multiple modes of transport and staying at several different hotels.

If all of this info was on different sites and apps, things could easily get lost! That's why you should think about using an app, like MakeMyTrip, to keep your trip plans to India in mostly one place.

You may have heard about travel deals sites like Going or Dollar Flights Club, but today I'll be giving you the down low on MakeMyTrip. This site promises to offer you an integrative service that provides you the best prices all along your travels.

But, will it really keep its promises? Let's find out...

makemytrip logo
 Image Courtesy of MakeMyTrip

What Is MakeMyTrip?

MakeMyTrip (MMT) is a popular online travel platform that provides a wide range of travel services to millions of people worldwide. Founded in 2000 by Deep Kalra, it's considered one of the largest online travel company in India.

One of the reasons travelers choose MakeMyTrip is its comprehensive range of travel services. Expect to be able to plan an entire trip on here, from booking flights, hotels, and vacation packages to arranging bus and train tickets.

MakeMyTrip describes itself as a “one-stop-travel-shop” both for locals and foreigners touring in India. It's easy to use and offers competitive prices, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious travelers.

At present, most of the travel products and services available on the site are for travelers in India. You can either use the MakeMyTrip app or website to place and manage your reservations.

The mobile app is available in both Android and iOS versions.

But we're all travelers here, so you and I both know it's always a good idea to compare prices and services offered by different platforms before booking your travel. I've rounded up all the details you need to know about MakeMyTrip and whether it'll suit your needs and budget the best. 

makemytrip banner
Image Courtesy of MakeMyTrip


Useful Features

Book Train Tickets

You can book your train rides in India via MakeMyTrip. Using their services, you can check train schedules, seat availability, and booking status of your ticket after you've booked.

As the official partner of IRCTC, MakeMyTrip also offers many other services like the ability to book ‘Taktal”, meaning last-minute in English, and special tickets.

Book Hotels offers both domestic and international hotel booking facilities. It'll have many options for you to browse, including hotels at a reasonable price or more luxurious resorts. You'll come across great deals and discounts for a hotel room.

Recently, MMT also introduced a selection of hotels handpicked by its internal team, with guaranteed quality and reliability.

Book Bus Tickets

MakeMyTrip India has partnered with bus operators in India to provide e-booking services. You can check seat availability, book bus tickets online, and receive real-time updates of its location.

Book Flights

MakeMyTrip lets you compare flight fares of different operators and book the best deal for your destinations. Flight booking is available for both local and international destinations, with discounted fares offered from time to time.

On a second note, if you can’t find cheap flights on this website, another great place I love to find cheap flights on is Skyscanner!

Book Holiday Packages and Events

In addition to sorting your accommodation and transportation needs, MMT also provides holiday packages to different local and international destinations.

Get ready for lots of fun! You can book tours to attend special events and festivals for you and your travel friends to enjoy.

Foreign Currency Exchange

Foreign currency exchange is another popular feature offered by MMT via Fxcart. You can compare the exchange rates between different licensed dealers and select the best offer.

You may not think this is a big deal, but saving some money on currency exchange will make you feel good! It could even keep you under budget in some cases.

makemytrip website flights
Image Courtesy of MakeMyTrip

How to Use MakeMyTrip

So you've decided to use MakeMyTrip to book your next trip to India, but you're not sure how to use it? No problem, I've got you covered.

From flights to hotels to transportation, here's a step-by-step breakdown on how to use MakeMyTrip:

Step 1 - Start by visiting the MakeMyTrip website or download the app. The homepage will show you various options for travel, including flights, hotels, and holiday packages.

Step 2 - Create a new account, if you don't already have one. After signing up with your email, Google account, or Facebook account, you'll have access to all of MakeMyTrip's features and services.

Step 3 - Next, select the type of travel you're interested in. If you're looking for flights, for example, click on the "Flights" option and enter your departure and arrival cities, travel dates, and number of travelers.

Step 4 - Once MakeMyTrip gathers the results, you can filter the results by price, airline, or departure time to narrow down your options.

Step 5 - Choose the best option available for you. But remember to make sure to review the details. The worst thing is to find out after you've booked that there are issues with your reservation!

Step 6 - After choose the option you want, review your booking details and make any necessary changes. This is where you add extra baggage or select a seat. Once you're satisfied, click "Continue" to proceed to the payment page.

Step 7 - Finally, confirm your booking and make the payment for the full booking amount. MakeMyTrip accepts various payment options, including credit/debit cards, net banking, and mobile wallets.

woman booking travel using MakeMyTrip India
Image Courtesy of Angelo Moleele on Unsplash

Making Changes to Your Booking

So, you've made a booking on MakeMyTrip, and now you need to make some changes? Don't worry, it's not as complicated as it sounds.

Whether you need to change the dates of your flight or hotel stay, add or remove travelers, or even cancel your reservation altogether, MakeMyTrip aims to make it easy for you.

To make changes to your booking, simply log in to your MakeMyTrip account and go to the "My Bookings" section. From there, you can view your booking details and make any necessary changes or cancellations. Keep in mind that any changes or cancellations may incur extra charges, depending on the policies of the airlines, hotels, or other service providers.

In some cases, you may also need to provide your booking ID along with any other relevant information, such as your name and contact details.

Remember, read the terms and conditions of your booking carefully before buying! They may vary depending on the type of booking and the service provider. By knowing this information before you book, it will make your life easier.

If you're unsure about any aspects of the process, try reaching out to MakeMyTrip's customer service for assistance.

The Good


Instead of using multiple apps or websites, you can use MMT to sort everything from your flights to hotels to other transportation needs. It covers both public and private transportation modes in India.

Plus, you can track and manage all your reservations from a single mobile app. Pretty great if you ask me!

Many Deals

You can easily find cheap flights, hotel booking offers, and discounted holiday packages on MakeMyTrip. Although the number of deals available depends on your destination, many users have managed to bag some great deals, even on last-minute bookings.

Users might also receive discount coupons that they can use for their future travel bookings. For thrifty travelers, I think you'll be impressed by some of the deals found on MakeMyTrip.

makemytrip mobile interface preview
Image Courtesy of MakeMyTrip

The Bad

Booking Issues

We came across a lot of bad reviews of MMT that highlighted numerous issues users encountered with regards to booking. In many cases, the bookings were not registered with the service provider, although the user had placed them via the MakeMyTrip website.

Some of the locations of hotels shown on the MakeMyTrip website are also inaccurate.

Refund Issues

From the info I gathered, their cancellation and refund process is also unreliable, and it takes ages for users to get their money back. Issues like these can easily frustrate anyone as it defeats the primary purpose of apps like MakeMyTrip. That is to eliminate the stress and hassle!

Poor Customer Service

Another main drawback of using MMT is their unreliable customer service, although customers are promised a 24/7 support team. The contact numbers are unresponsive most of the time, and they take a long time to reply to emails. Many customer complaints highlighted this issue.

So, the chances are that it would be difficult for you to sort an issue regarding booking or refund through them.

What Real Customers Are Saying

Before you book, I understand you want to hear more about the good and bad about MakeMyTrip. But, not from me... it's always better to hear about what real customers who've used the service are saying.

I've looked over customer reviews on Consumer Affairs, Trustpilot, and

On all 3 websites, the ratings are overwhelmingly negative. On Trustpilot and Mouthshut combined, over 37,000 reviews rated MakeMyTrip with a measly 1.58.

On Consumer Affairs, MakeMyTrip faired a little better. Consumer rated the site with a 3.6 average.

So, what are the main complains from customers?

The most common problems revolve around the bad service that customers experience when booking travel through MakeMyTrip.

Whether people are planning for international travel or within India, there are often bumps in their plans. This can include not being notified about flight changes, and only realizing when they try to check-in. Other people have had bad experiences with their hotel quality or the room not even being available!

And, when they go to talk to MakeMyTrip customer care agents, they receive terrible customer service. If they get responses at all. Most buyers have expressed long refund times, rude staff, and overall lack of knowledge when dealing with their staff.

Makemytrip group traveling
Image Courtesy of Andriyko Podilnyk on Unsplash

Is MakeMyTrip Worth It?

In short, it may be risky to book with MakeMyTrip.

If it offered out-of-this-world experiences that you couldn't find anywhere else, I'd say you should take the plunge. However, as there are many other travel deal sites that can get you good deals, it may not be worth it to deal with their customer service issues.

That being said, some users haven’t encountered any issues when booking via MMT. And if you find a deal on the website that you can't pass up, you can take the chance booking it.

Just keep in mind that if anything goes wrong, you may need to go through a big hassle with their care team. In fact, it is a legit service that has a significant customer base.

A close alternative is Trip Hobo, and you can read its review here.

Our Rating: 2.3/5


  • Convenient to use
  • Bookings all in one place
  • Lots of discounts


  • Poor customer service
  • Issues with bookings
  • Issues with refunds
  • Not unique compared to competitors

Get More Organized With Pilot

No matter which travel deal site you decide to use, planning a trip can be tricky. After all, there are so many things to remember!

Before you leave, think about the hotels and flights you need to book. On top of that, you'll need to decide on what activities you want to do and how much budget you can spend on eating out.

If you're looking for a reliable travel planner to keep all these plans in one place, try Pilot!

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Disclosure: Pilot is supported by our community. We may earn a small commission fee with affiliate links on our website. All reviews and recommendations are independent and do not reflect the official view of Pilot.

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Raeesha Ikram
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Raeesha is a freelance travel writer on a mission to reveal authentic experiences, unparalleled adventures, and sustainable travel choices the world has in store for wanderlusts. Her travel pieces encapsulate the diverse culture, heritage, and nature-bound attractions of different destinations. Besides travel, she also writes about economics, business, and linguistics.

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