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Best Travel Gadgets to Make Your Next Vacation a Success!

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December 4, 2022
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Amanda Lawrence
We all love helpful items that make our lives easier. That's why when planning your next vacay, you'll want to know about the hottest new travel gadgets. Here's a complete list of the best travel gadgets to add to your shopping cart.

Travel gadgets should be an essential part of your packing list. They make traveling simpler, safer, and more comfortable for every kind of traveler. The trick is to only settle for the gadgets that you need.

But how do you know which will fit your lifestyle and suitcase? This article will dive deep into the ten coolest travel gadgets you'll want to buy in 2022. From gimbals to water filters, there are some nifty accessories out there that you'll need to make the most out of your vacation.

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Top 10 travel gadgets for your packing list

When it comes to packing, you're trying to figure out how to keep things as simple as possible. With tight baggage restrictions, why add more to your vacation packing list? Are travel gadgets anything more than gimmicks?

The answer is... yes and no! There are millions of gimmicks, but some travel gadgets will serve you well. That's why it's good to research and discover what other travelers won't dream of going without.

Here are ten helpful gadgets worth considering for your next big adventure!

10. Cable Organizer Bag

One of the most irritating things about having multiple devices while traveling is trying to keep all the charging cables organized. With a cable organizing bag, you can make sure you have all of your chargers with you in one convenient and organized location.

A cable organizing bag is a travel must-have that can be especially handy for business travelers and digital nomads!  

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9. Luggage Scale

Have you ever gotten to the check-in desk only to discover that your luggage is overweight? Scrambling to move items over to your carry-on to avoid the dreaded fees isn't the ideal start to a vacation! 

The Etekcity luggage scale is portable and lightweight. It comes with multiple features that will make your travels that much breezier.

Put all your worries aside and include a luggage scale on your next trip. They're great for weighing your luggage at home before you leave, but they're also a handy travel gadget to take with you. When you bring your luggage scale on your trip, you can shop till you drop with peace of mind.

Blue electronic luggage scale
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8. Gimbal

Grab a gimbal to up your Tiktok and Instagram Reels game with this fantastic piece of tech. Gimbals are a pivoted support that helps stabilize your phone as you move it. This creates videos with no shaking or jerking movements, making it easier to capture the moment as it happens.

The DJI Osmo Mobile 6 gimbal is a great all-rounder. This nifty little travel gadget is compatible with Android and iPhone and portable and foldable, which makes it perfect for traveling! 

A gimbal specifically designed for your phone is a great way to take some fantastic videos and photos on the go. It's small enough to fit in a carry-on and can even double as a tripod. 

7. Travel Adapter 

A travel adapter is an essential travel gadget to have for any vacation. One of the most frustrating things about traveling to a foreign country is forgetting your adapter at home and struggling to charge your devices. 

Keep your devices safe from surges and avoid purchasing an adapter on arrival, as cheap adaptors often lack surge protection. Save the heartache of ruining your electronics by purchasing a safe adapter before your take-off. 

Some countries have different outlets than others, and knowing which travel adapters you should pack or having a universal travel adapter is very important. 

6. Earplugs

Trapped in the dreaded middle seat next to young children? Or maybe you booked the 16-bed mixed dorm, and 10/16 people snore? Either of these situations sounds like a pair of quality earplugs would come in handy! 

With a simple pair of earplugs, you can block out all that excessive noise and have a calm flight or rest peacefully. 

The Soft Vox Airplane Ear Plugs reduce noise and are the perfect travel gadgets for flying, as they also relieve air pressure. Say goodbye to the uncomfortable ear-popping when it's time to take off! 

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5. RFID-Blocking Travel Wallet 

Go the extra mile and add an RFID-blocking travel wallet to your packing list! RFID scams can happen at any time and anywhere you travel. 

Scammers will walk past you, scanning any of your cards that have the tap function enabled. Although the risk is low, it's always best to be prepared! And this simple travel gadget could save you from a nasty surprise.

The Zoppen RFID Blocking Travel Wallet is great because it is big enough to hold your passport, cash, and cards while small enough to fit in a purse or bag. The RFID-blocking technology ensures your cards are safe from potential scams. Not convinced? Check out this list of passport holders and travel wallets that might pique your interest. 

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4. Money belt

A money belt is crucial to ensure your money and other important documents stay safe and concealed while on the road. Money belts should be thin and easy to conceal under your clothes while still having the capacity to hold all your shopping money!

The DAITET Money Belt is big enough to hold your phone, money, passport, and documents but slim enough to stay concealed! The RFID blocking feature is a huge bonus!  

Black money belt with items in it
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3. Reusable Water Bottle & Filter

A reusable water bottle and water filter are the perfect way to cut down on plastic while traveling. Most airports have safe and clean drinking water from a water fountain or bottle refill station, making staying sustainable on the go easier. 

In the event you're traveling to a smaller airport or an airport without safe drinking water, you can use a water filter to make sure any tap water you find is safe to drink! 

The Nalgene Sustain Tritan and the Membrane Portable Water Filter are the perfect duos for traveling. The wide-mouth Nalgene is easy to clean and maintain, and the Membrane water filters are small and convenient to carry around. 

This travel accessory is perfect for any traveler. But it should definitely be on the essentials list if you're heading out into the woods. Check out this backpacking list for the other must-haves you should bring along on a hiking trip. 

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2. Air Tag

Apple Air Tags take regular luggage tags to the next level and are one of the coolest travel gadgets on the market! This slim little tag can easily fit in any purse, wallet, or bag to ensure you know where your stuff is at all times! Put the Air Tag in your luggage and open the Find My app on your iPhone to track the item! 

Air Tags can also send out a ping sound when a lost item might be nearby and can even give you directions to find it with the Precision Finding tool. Say goodbye to lost luggage or a missing backpack!  

Apple Airtag
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1. Portable Charger

A portable charger is a travel must-have! Not only cant they charge multiple devices at once. But the battery life lasts over an extended period, giving you multiple uses from a single charge. 

If the power goes out, you'll still have a full battery on your phone and maybe enough left over to share with your travel buddies. Did someone say hostel hero? Remember to bring a portable charger along when packing your travel electronics for the ride! 

Check out the Anker Portable Charger. Its slim and lightweight design makes it easy to fit into the smallest bags.

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December 4, 2022

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