Fjällräven Review [2024]: The best backpack for travel?

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Fjällräven Review [2024]: The best backpack for travel?
Want a new sustainable backpack for your next adventure? Then Fjällräven could be the bag you need. Many travelers have recommended this brand, but is it right for your next trip? Explore this review to see if Fjällräven is worth the hype!
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Love adventures? Snap, me too! And no adventure is complete without the right gear. There are lots of sustainable brands on the market. Some offer adventure gear like Norrøna and others backpacks like Osprey. You may still be searching for the perfect sustainable backpack, as others aren't quite doing it for you.

In your search for the best backpack, you must have stumbled across Fjällräven. Want to know if their bags and adventure clothing are any good? Great, then you've definitely come to the right place! Let's see if Fjällräven is good for our planet and great for adventures. 

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What is Fjällräven?

Fjällräven is a Swedish brand that creates outdoor clothing and equipment for nature enthusiasts. They pride themselves on creating products that make nature more accessible. Focusing on simplicity and practicality, they're world-renowned for being excellent quality.

Åke Nordin was the brains behind the brand! In 1960 from the basement of Åke house, their first product was launched for sale. It was a backpack made for exploring, and it even had back support made of aluminum built into the bag. The company has continued to grow and diversify ever since.

What does Fjällräven mean?

Fjällräven simply translates to Artic Fox. These cute little creatures are found in the mountains of Sweden. Fjällräven uses the arctic fox as a symbol for doing their bit to protect nature. 

In 2019 the company began The Arctic Fox Initiative. These rare creatures are on the verge of extinction and face increasing challenges due to climate change. Fjällräven has been supporting the arctic fox through the Save the Arctic Fox Project with Stockholm University. 

Fjällräven backpack arctic fox
Image courtesy of Fjällrä

What is Fjällräven's Brand Mission?

If you're like me, you will want a brand with a mission to be sustainable and care about nature. After all, you want to protect the environment you adventure in.

Nature is at the core of Fjällräven's brand. They want to inspire people to get out into nature with great quality outdoor gear that helps support a sense of adventure.

Fjällräven is adapting its mission to include sustainability too. They don't claim to be perfect but are doing their best to protect the nature they love to explore. They are making steps toward a sustainable future by saying no to fluorocarbons and using recycled materials.

Commonly Asked Questions About Fjällräven

Where is Fjällräven made?

Fjällräven produces its products in both China and Vietnam. They oversee the details of production and implement a strict code of conduct. This ensures that human rights, animal welfare, environmental protection, and sustainable development needs are met.

By being part of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition and the Fair Labor Association, Fjällräven is doing its bit to show up for world problems.

Fjällräven bag
Image by Dinh Ng on Unsplash

What’s so Special about Fjällräven?

Having a brand that offers a range of activity gear makes it easy to do one big shop. Then you're kitted out for the year, ready to explore the unknown.

Fjällräven is a one-stop shop for great quality adventure gear. With great back support, premium waterproofing, lightweight materials, and of course, beautiful designs, what's not to love? 

Their most popular products are their famous KÅNKEN backpacks. They have a backpack for every occasion. Their extensive range has set them apart from other brands, from day packs to laptop bags, to trekking backpacks, and many more. 

Is Fjällräven a Luxury Brand?

You may have noticed that Fjällräven's prices are a little higher than others. Compared to similar brands like Osprey, they come with a higher price tag. But bear in mind that Fjällräven uses high-quality materials, the latest technology, and high-end designs in all its products. 

Their luxury brand status may be debatable. However, one thing is for sure and it's that they offer high-quality gear that's adventure-proof. You know you can rely on their products when you're on your next mission.

How to Clean Fjällräven Backpack

If you only remember one thing about how to clean your Fjällräven backpack, it's this: don't put it in the washing machine! Use warm water, mild detergent, and a soft brush or sponge to clean. 

If you're looking for tips on keeping your backpack in the best condition, Fjällräven has a handy guide to ensure you make the most out of your bag.

Fjällräven backpacks
Image by Jose Hernandez-Uribe from Unsplash

Fjällräven Best Sellers

This notorious travel brand boasts a large number of best-sellers. With everything from hats and gloves to shirts and trousers, Fjällräven certainly offers a lot. Let's take a look at some of their most popular products: 

Abisko Hike 35 Backpack 

This lightweight, well-ventilated backpack makes for the perfect travel companion. The Abisko Hike 35 features a rain cover and 9 pockets to carry all your hiking needs. Just like any good hiking backpack, it has adjustable shoulder straps, hips belt, and a backing made of mesh for ventilation.

Whether strolling through an ancient city or out in the wilderness, this comfortable item could really make a difference. 

Abisko Hike 35 backpack in black
Image courtesy of Fjällrä

Vidda Pro Women's Trousers 

Built using their signature G-1000 material, the Vidda Pro trousers are ideal for outdoor activities. Whether you're getting active out in the spring, fall, or winter, these trousers can help keep you warm and comfortable. 

Vidda Pro women's trousers in black
Image courtesy of Fjällrä


The famous Kånken bag is your go-to for adventuring. This handy backpack is designed to prevent bad backs and is perfect for day hikes and backpacking through cities. Its Vinylon F fabric is hardwearing, lightweight, and can withstand dirt and dampness.

With shoulder straps and handles on the top, you can wear this bag in whichever way suits you. My favorite detail about this backpack is the handy address label on the bag. So if your belongings go for an adventure without you, they have a way of coming back home.

Kanken backpack in royal blue
Image courtesy of Fjällrä

Stina Jacket

Look no further if you're after the perfect lightweight adventure jacket. This jacket uses Fjällräven G-1000, a long-lasting material that stands the test of time. Fjällräven uses longevity as its chief sustainability tool. 

Whether you wear this jacket hiking in the Andes or backpacking through New Zealand, you'll be prepared. The jacket has a snug-fitting hood for those rainy days. With large zips and spacious pockets, the Stina Jacket provides a practical yet stylish addition to your wardrobe. 

Fjällräven jacket stina
Image courtesy of Fjällrä

Kånken Travel Wallet

Want a safe space to store all your important documents when traveling? Then the Kånken Travel Wallet is for you. This spacious travel wallet is perfect for your passport, travel documents, phone, bank notes, etc. 

Standing the test of time with G-1000 HeavyDuty Eco S materials, this Fjällräven wallet will support you now and in all your adventures to come. 

Fjällräven travel wallet kanken
Image courtesy of Fjällrä

Övik Knit Sweater 

Coined for its soft and warm wool, this comfy sweater will keep you warm and snug while on the go. If you're a fan of going to the snow, the Övik Knit sweater could be a piece you whip out every winter. 

Image courtesy of Fjällrä

What are People Saying about Fjällräven?

Fjällräven has a huge reputation for its products and boasts a large number of positive reviews.

People give glowing reviews to Fjällräven for its high-quality materials, long-lasting products, and water and dirt resistance. Comments suggest their stylish products are incredibly versatile and great for bag organization. People love supporting a brand that protects the planet, so they feel good when purchasing Fjällräven .

However, some reviews are floating around that don't put Fjällräven in the best light. Reviewers suggest that the products are overpriced, and their customer service is non-existent. There are also complaints about fiddly bag straps and claims that their clothing isn't true to size. 

If you can get over a lack of customer service and are prepared to pay a little more for your new adventure gear, then Fjällräven could be the brand you've been waiting for!

Benefits/Drawbacks of Fjällräven

Fjällräven boasts many benefits, including its products' high quality and functionality. The brand's gear is built to last, making it an ideal investment for travelers. Aligning with strong sustainable practices, their eco-friendly products look good and do good for the planet. 

One of the downfalls of Fjällräven is definitely the price. Compared to other travel brands, things are less affordable for budget travelers. There is also a limit on sizing, so finding something specifically tailored to your preferences can be challenging.

Other Sustainable Travel Apparel Brands

If you're on the hunt for a sustainable clothing brand, but the high prices of Fjällräven aren't in your favor, you can check out some other alternatives. Knowing what's actually worth your pennies is a challenge with so much on the market. Here are some top-rated sustainable clothing brands to consider: 

Is Fjällräven worth it?

Fjällräven is a world-renowned brand with multiple products on offer to support your adventures around the world. If you're looking for a brand that uses high-quality materials, has long-lasting products, and does its bit to support the planet, then Fjällräven is the brand for you.

However, it must be considered that people suggest they have terrible customer service and their clothing items aren't true to size. If you can look past the negative reviews and their high prices, then you're supporting a brand that really does care about the environment.

They're supporting your adventures, doing their bit to help the environment, and working on being more sustainable. Supporting a company trying to do good for our planet is a great place to start when shopping.

Our Rating: 4.1/5


  • Long-lasting products
  • Great range of adventure gear
  • Innovative bags that support your back
  • Highly rated waterproofing technology


  • High prices for their products
  • Negative reviews about customer service and fitting
  • Still use animal products in their designs

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