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TripUniq: Are Locals Planned Tours Worth Your Time? [Review]

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February 9, 2022
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Raeesha Ikram
Raeesha Ikram
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Here's our review of TripUniq, including what the company does, what we like and dislike, and if it's worth your time. Read on to find out.

Are you a traveler who loves to experience a destination like a local but don’t like the idea of a tour guide accompanying you? Do you prefer to explore the destination by yourself, just with a good knowledge of what to do where?

Don’t worry. There are a few travel services that connect you with locals to get a travel guide planned just for you. ViaHero is one such service, and you can read its review here.

Looking for travel services that offer group travel instead? Check out our review of EF Ultimate Break or Contiki Tour, where you can leave the trip planning entirely to someone else and focus on traveling, making experiences and friends at the same time.

Back to the main attraction. TripUniq is a similar travel planning service with ViaHero that vouches to provide a comprehensive, localized, and personalized itinerary via a local guide for you.

Is TripUniq worth your attention? Keep reading to find out!

TripUniq Logo
Image courtesy: TripUniq

What is TripUniq?

Launched in 2015, TripUniq is a travel service that links travelers with an experienced guide or blogger in the city they wish to visit. These guides, also known as “Local Heroes,” are either natives or expats with in-depth knowledge about the city.

At present, TripUniq offers its services for 80 cities around the world and caters to both young and older travelers. It's geared towards people who like their trip pre-planned with attention to local and non-touristy sights.

TripUniq offers its service via a website as well as a mobile app compatible with both Android and iOS devices. You can also download a PDF version of the itineraries and get printouts (ideal for travelers who like to go old style!).

How Does TripUniq Work?

It’s quite simple. You can go to their website or app, and pick the city you plan to visit from the long list available. Then, you have to click on “Plan My Travel Guide” and specify,

  • Whether you are traveling alone, as a couple, with friends, or with family
  • Whether it’s your first time visiting the city
  • Your interests such as culture, bars, food, parks, romance, nightlife, local, etc.
  • The age category of the traveler(s)
  • Languages you understand

Once done, TripUniq will search its database of local guides and find the ideal “local hero” for you. Then, you have to provide your contact information and make the payment.

There’s also the option of buying pre-designed guides curated by local guides. These aren’t tailor-made for your preferences but include local tips and recommendations. The prices of these guides vary depending on the number of days, travel style, and destination.

TripUniq App Preview
Image courtesy: TripUniq

What Does a Travel Guide from TripUniq Include?

  • A personalized itinerary with a detailed map for each day based on your interests
  • Recommendations on where to stay, what to eat, what to do in the city, and how to avoid tourist traps
  • Tips, information, and advice on safety, budgeting, transport, and communication
  • Details of local events scheduled to take place during the time of your visit

Additionally, you can also:

  • Request to meet your “local hero” at the destination
  • Chat with the guide during the trip
  • Ask your guide to book accommodation, restaurants, and more on behalf of you

How much does TripUniq cost?

You will be charged a standard fee of 20€ per day, regardless of the destination and number of travelers. But you would have to pay extra for additional services, which vary depending on the guide.

TripUniq laptop and mobile integration preview
Image courtesy: TripUniq

What do we like about TripUniq?

  • Everything’s planned for you

The main benefit is convenience. A day-by-day itinerary to keep you on track resolves the hassle of planning and organizing activities by yourself. The fact that it’s also highly personalized to suit your taste is another plus. You can have peace of mind and enjoy the trip well.

  • Flexibility

It’s not like you are traveling with a tour company. You have the complete freedom to ditch the itinerary and go wayward as you wish (at the risk of getting lost!). You can take your time and explore on your own. It’s great for first-time solo travelers. 

  • Local sights 

Many TripUniq reviews highlighted how it helped them visit lesser-known attractions and enjoy their time in less-crowded spaces, thanks to their hero. This is another main advantage of the service, especially for travelers looking for local experiences. 

  • Choice

Although TripUniq doesn’t have a local guide to every city in the world, the choice is quite impressive. Almost all major cities are covered, and they have plans to keep expanding based on their clients’ requests. 

TripUniq local guide planned trip routes
Image courtesy: TripUniq

What can TripUniq do better?

  • Local hero

TripUniq chooses the “ideal” local hero for you whom you may or may not like. As there’s a little description available about the guide (when you click “profile”), it doesn’t provide a very good idea about the reliability or experience of the person either. It would have been better if we get to choose a hero of our liking as with Viahero. So, there’s a chance that you can end up with an itinerary that doesn’t speak to your heart!

  • Extras

We think the option of being able to chat with your guide during the trip could have been included in the original pricing itself. It’s a service that would be required by many travelers.

So, although at a glance 20€ seems cheaper, its other alternatives like ViaHero include the add-ons in their basic pricing itself – more cost-effective. The fee for message assistance varies depending on the guide, and some charge very high prices!

Is TripUniq worth it?

Based on many TripUniq reviews, we think it’s a good service overall. It’s particularly great for people who don’t enjoy researching or planning their trips. However, as it’s relatively new to the market, it doesn’t have a strong reputation or large customer base yet. If you think it fits your requirements, give it a try!

Now, for wanderlusts who nitpick on planning their tours by themselves, we have a great recommendation!

Pilot is a social travel planner that helps you put together your trip ideas, organize them, and create a comprehensive itinerary. You can also store all your travel documents and other details in your account. What’s great is that it’s perfect for both solo and group travel planning with real-time chat availability. Interested? Sign up today!

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July 6, 2021

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