3 Minute Guide to Nomadic Matt: Know the Amazing Travel Blogger!

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November 3, 2021
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Chloe Lay
Chloe Lay
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Get all your questions answered about Nomad Matt, including who he is and what resources he offers that you can benefit from. Keep reading to find out now!

If you like to stay in the loop when it comes to travel bloggers, we reckon you’ve probably heard of Nomadic Matt. He was one of the first travel bloggers to become really successful online, starting his blog back in the 2000s.

Since then, he’s gone on to turn his blog into a hugely lucrative career, all while seeing the world. He’s a lucky guy!

Want to find out how he does it, or just learn more about him? Say no more. Here at Pilot, we’re experts in all things travel — and that includes other travelers. In this article, we’ll give you the full low-down on Nomadic Matt: Who he is, what he does, how he does it… and how he can help you plan your next trip.

Ready? Let’s take a look.

Who Is Nomadic Matt?

Nomadic Matt (otherwise known by his real name, Matthew Kepnes) is an American travel blogger and one of the most experienced backpackers in the world. He’s visited over 100 countries and spent nights in over 1,000 hostels. His blog attracts upwards of 1 million visitors every month, and he’s also written a number of books, including New York Times bestseller How to Travel the World on $50 a Day.

Picture of nomadic matt.
Courtesy of Nomadic Matt

What Is Nomadic Matt?

As well as being the pen-name of the man himself, Nomadic Matt is the name of the blog and website that he runs.

It’s an incredibly popular blog — it regularly pops up in “Best Travel Blog” articles and has been featured by hugely influential news outlets and channels, including the Wall Street JournalBBCNational GeographicForbesCNN, and Lonely Planet.

Pretty impressive stuff.

nomadic matt travel blogger logo.
Courtesy of Nomadic Matt

The blog covers a range of topics, but he mostly focuses on a few areas:

  • Money-saving tips
  • Travel hacking
  • Packing guides
  • Destination guides
  • General trip planning

Matt wants to show people how to travel longer, travel smarter, and travel for less money. His blog has travel credit card and travel insurance suggestions, packing lists, recommendations for things to do, where to go, what to eat, when to buy tickets… It’s pretty much a complete guide to everything you need to know about travel on a budget. No wonder it’s so popular!

What Makes the Nomadic Matt Website Special?

There are thousands of travel blogs out there, so what exactly is it that makes Nomadic Matt such a popular site?

Matt himself says it’s because he gives out the best budgeting advice. He has so many articles about budgeting, so whether you want to find out how to save money before a trip, how to spend less while you’re traveling, how to find cheap airfare, and how to get great gear for a low price, Nomadic Matt has probably covered it.

In addition to budgeting and money-saving tips, the site also features an enormous range of general travel tips — places to go, where to stay, what to pack, etc. — but also slightly more specialized tips.

On the website, you’ll find information about couples’ travel, solo travel, solo female travel (he gets someone else to write these!), and travel for seniors or families. It really is an incredibly comprehensive resource for travelers looking for tips.

Where Has Nomadic Matt Traveled?

The simpler question would really be: where hasn’t Nomadic Matt traveled? Even a quick glance on the Nomadic Matt website and blog shows that he’s an outrageously well-seasoned traveler. Destination guides on the site include places as far-reaching as Costa Rica, Vancouver, Portugal, Mexico, Greece, Japan, Colombia, Croatia, Iceland, Paris, Belize, Bangkok… the list feels almost endless.

locations and destinations nomadic matt traveled.
Courtesy of Nomadic Matt

For each of the destinations on the website, Matt has put together a thorough guide, including tips for things to do and places to stay, a suggested budget, safety considerations, packing lists, and heaps more information too.

Nomadic Matt: Your Questions Answered

Does Nomadic Matt travel full time?

Matt used to travel full time, but according to an interview he gave with CNN in 2019, he now travels about six months of the year and spends the rest of his time working.

Where does Nomadic Matt live?

When he’s not traveling, Matt splits his time between New York City and Austin, Texas.

Where is Nomadic Matt from?

Matthew is originally from Boston, Massachusetts. He was studying for his MBA and working a desk job when he took his first trip abroad in 2004, sparking his love of all things travel.

How old is Nomadic Matt?

As of November 2021, Nomadic Matt is 40 years old. He was born on June 12, 1981.

How much money does Nomadic Matt make?

One of the best things about Nomadic Matt’s website is that none of the content is sponsored or paid for. This means visitors know that every hotel, hostel, restaurant, or attraction review comes directly from travelers who have actually been to those places, and they’re writing honestly — to inform, rather than to convince.

That’s great, but how does the website actually make Matt any money? And how much does he make?

It’s been reported that Matt earns $750,000 a year. He does this through his blog (through affiliate marketing and a premium section), through book sales, and through selling online courses about how to become a travel writer.

Nomadic matt New York Times bestseller guide.
Courtesy of Nomadic Matt

Nomadic Matt: Pilot’s Take

Nomadic Matt’s website is a super-helpful resource for anyone looking for travel tips and tricks. Matt’s best articles are probably those with budgeting tips, and we think he’s pretty successful in his goal to help people travel smarter, cheaper, and longer. He also provides insightful tips for travelers looking to experience a place the way the locals do, whether that means eating local food or just getting to know the real ins and outs of a destination.

People like Matt make travel easier for all of us — it’s pretty great! Here at Pilot, we want to make your travel plans easier too. Check out our trip-planning app to see how we can help you. Our app helps you keep all your travel plans in one place, meaning you can spend less time organizing and more time enjoying your trip.

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