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What’s the Deal With PickYourTrail? Our Honest Thoughts + Review

Mousumi Gharami
Mousumi Gharami
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What’s the Deal With PickYourTrail? Our Honest Thoughts + Review

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April 3, 2021
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Whether you're an adventure explorer, a solo traveler, or thrill seeker, you need a guide to start with. You have to choose your travel destination, board a flight, choose where to stay, what to carry, and what not! It’s particularly tricky to serve all of this along with pocket pinch.

PickYourTrail is right here to help you get through the pre-tripping madness gracefully. Here we’ll see if it’s worth it. Let’s get straight to the PickYourTrail review.

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PickYourTrail Logo
Image Courtesy: PickYourTrail

What is PickYourTrail? 

PickYourTrail is India’s first online personalized international vacation company. Started in 2014, it is a holiday booking website that allows users to customize their own vacations. It is truly an eccentric platform that provides all its importance to travelers' interests. And most significantly, the brand’s promise to “Create Your Holiday in Your Own Way” has its own importance. 

PickYourTrail allows you to create and customize your trips but ensures that you don’t have to do any trip personalization. Technology will do all the work for you, including selecting places, organizing the locations, booking, reminders, and trip recommendations. So, you don’t have to face any inconvenience and enjoy your vacation to its fullest.

PickYourTrail Homepage for planning vacation and holiday travel
Image Courtesy: PickYourTrail

Features of PickYourTrail

PickYourTrail serves you with a handful of features through their customized app and website. Let’s look at some of these.

Destinations for Everyone

If you are an adventurer or a family tripper, PickYourTrail covers your needs. Honeymoon deals, traveling in groups, fun things to do for kids, places to have the best nightlife, they have it all. They offer affordable trip packages with the best things to do in your preferred travel destination.

Customized Suggestions

PickYourTrail helps you with personalized travel suggestions. You can choose from a wide range of suggestions from laidback to moderate to packed. If you like to chill and unwind you choose laidback whereas, you can choose packed if you don’t want to miss a thing.

Customized Vacation Planning

PickYourTrail has customized vacation planning options. You can craft your holiday, your way with them. From choosing flights, hotels, your desired activities, to the mode of money transfer, you can customize according to your ease.

Regular Updates

By registering with PickYourTrail you have your own trip feed that serves you with daily updates on travel destinations. Moreover, you get updates on discounts and offers on flight booking, hotels, and ticketing.

Visa Assistance for International Trips

Visa processing is also simplified with PickYourTrail’s visa experts. You get all the updates and reminders about your visa processing from time to time. They will provide end-to-end support regarding your visa scheduling.

On-Trip Customer Support

PickYourTrail has a 24/7 customer support system throughout your trip. You can get in touch with their support team through their live chat provision. For any sort of travel-related queries on-trip, you can reach out to them.

Simplified Booking

Flight bookings, hotels, activities, etc., are very easy with their easy voucher access. You can choose the dates of your travel, supply your travel-related documents, and make insurances through these vouchers.

In-App Travel Tools

PickYourTrail provides in-app travel tools for your help. These tools include a language translator, currency calculator, live weather forecast, emergency contacts, and help desk. You can choose your requirements too.

How Does PickYourTrail Work?

PickYourTrail operates from Chennai, India. They serve travel planning and destinations, and itineraries in the form of packages. You can get access to them through their official website that reads or their mobile app for android and iOS. Let’s see how PickYourTrail works.

  • You have to register through their website.
  • Log in with your specific username and password.
  • Choose from your trip, feed your destinations, dates, and other preferences.
  • Start booking process.

How Much Does It Cost 

PickYourTrail has a free-to-install app service that costs nothing. However, the costs of trips are variable here. It is because the website offers customized services, so the trip costs vary according to your destination plans.

The cost of trips comes in packages which include hotel charges, activities, and flight charges. 

What We Like About PickYourTrail 

PickYourTrail exclusive itinerary with unlimited personalization, deals, and packages
Image courtesy: PickYourTrails

In case if you are wondering, why choose PickYourTrail? Let’s discuss the things that we like about PickYourTrail.

Choose Your Staycation

Choose the best vacation and tours for your family with PickYourTrail. They provide the best offers and prices online. From premium and exclusive resorts in the Maldives to beachside resorts and hotels in Chennai, they have it all covered.

Get Yourself a Personalized App Feed

PickYourTrail allows you to share your holiday preferences and desired locations so they can suggest the best route possible. They handpick your travel destination, which is entirely based on your travel style.

Fully Customized Vacations

PickYourTrail allows you to plan and fully customize your holiday. So, book your flight tickets, hotels and other activities of your choice and enjoy your holiday experience like never before. Also, PickYourTrail uses algorithms to find the best route possible to save your time and money.

Get Your Assistance from Experts

PickYourTrail has its own group of travel experts to guide you with your customized trip. These experts analyze all your preferences and desired locations to craft the perfect holiday for you. And if you have a budget constraint, they will plan your trip accordingly. 

What We Don’t Like about PickYourTrail

They have about a couple of drawbacks, but for some, they might be deal breakers. There are what we think needs improvement on the PickYourTrail app.

Delayed Customer Service 

Sometimes, the customer service can take longer than normal. It can be particularly disturbing once you’re on the trip and there’s no communication with your live support. After all, who'd like to spend valuable time on hold or repeating information to customer service and being transferred back and forth through phoneline limbo?

No Map Feature

They can improve further by adding a map feature to their website. It can help customers to track the destination and find specific locations easily. These features that other competitors has might be dealbreakers for some to switch to a more elaborate mapping service that can do more with the maps.

Plan Your Trip with Pilot 

Here at Pilot, we make sure to focus on our community first to ensure your trip planning journey is our top priority. This means listening to our community on adding suggested features like additional map features. If you'd like your voice to be heard, then we have Pilot at your service.

Our social travel planner app is here to sort out your travel itineraries and simplify your traveling. No more switching through different document and mapping apps just to plan your trip, as we've got everything you'll need in one place. So, the next time you pick your travel destination, leave the planning part on us.

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