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TruTravels Review [2022]: Game-changing, or just mediocre?

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June 28, 2022
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Raeesha Ikram
Raeesha Ikram
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Is TruTravels true to its services? Let's take a deep look into the guided tour company, Trutravels, including who they are, what services do they provide, and if they're actually worth your money. Read on.

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Most of the South Asian countries are cost-effective to visit, no doubt. But, traveling to these destinations is no easy task – especially if you are a beginner. Public transport isn’t always fun, border crossing can be a hassle, and theft is a possibility. 

It’s not that you can overcome these obstacles. Of course, with a good amount of research and planning, you can tackle them well. But, going with an expert for the first time is a good idea for you to learn!

If you have plans to explore South Asia for your next vacation and prefer to go on a guided group tour, TruTravels is a service to consider. Designed for backpackers by backpackers, it promises to provide travelers with mind-blowing, brain-whacking, and over-the-top experiences. 

If this sounds like what you need, then dive into our TruTravels review now, starting with what exactly is TruTravels.

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Image Courtesy of TruTravels

What is TruTravels?

TruTravels is the brainchild of Joe and Mark, two travel enthusiasts who gave up their “boring jobs” to pump their adrenaline with travel.

Started in 2012, TruTravels has gained a reputation over time for providing smooth yet thrilling experiences for travelers who loved to test boundaries but with a lifeline to support them. They initially started with Thailand and have expanded to many other destinations at present. 

Although anyone above 18 can sign up for a tour, the travel company primarily targets youngsters, especially backpackers ready to head off-road. So, the average age range of their customer base is 18 to mid-30s. Tours are usually conducted in small-medium-sized groups with a maximum of 20 travelers in each. 

What Destinations Does TruTravels Cover?

TruTravels covers 15 destinations at present focused on three continents. Below is a list of them. Its most popular tours are Asian ones!

  • Asia: Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, India, Borneo, and the Maldives.
  • Europe: Greece and Croatia
  • Latin America: Colombia, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Peru
trutravels bali experience website
Image courtesy: TruTravels

What are the Travel Styles Offered by TruTravels?

TruTravels provides trips under four major travel styles, so you can choose what best fits your preferences. 

  • Classic Tours offers a good mix of culture, adventure, beaches, and parties. You can enjoy a variety of experiences that TruTravels claim to be authentic, unique, and adventurous. These are low-budget tours specially designed for backpackers.
  • FitVentures doesn’t let fitness freaks down. The tour is a good workout for your muscles and mental health, covering experiences like yoga, boot camps, hiking, cycling, and many more. If you like to embrace travel while keeping your mental and physical health in check, this is the deal for you. 
  • Flashpacker is for travelers who like to travel comfortably without giving up on the feisty backpacker experience. Consider it the premium package of TruTravels with cozy accommodation and travel amenities. 
  • SailVentures is for those who love beach life and islands. In this tour, you will be exploring landmarks that are only accessible by boat while partying on the yacht with friends. 
trutravels saliventures travel styles
Image courtesy: TruTravels

What Does a TruTravels Tour Package Include?

TruTravels will bear accommodation, transportation, ticket fees to visit attractions, and the cost of other activities included in the package. You will be picked up from the airport, but you are on your own to get there after the tour.

If you prefer to stay for more days, you can extend the reservation via TruTravels. What’s not included in your package are flight costs to the destination, food, drinks, and expenses incurred for shopping or extra activities. On average, they recommend you to allocate £150-£200 per week for expenses.

Is TruTravels Cheap?

Well, some claim that it’s a cost-friendly choice compared to other alternatives. But, it really depends on the tour type, destination, and your requirements. Its Classic Tours are the most affordable options.

But, before you take any decision, we recommend you compare the prices between different tour service providers. Overall, TruTravels' prices are pretty reasonable, and they also offer discounts from time to time.

What do We like About TruTravels?

  • Focus on fun + authentic experiences

Besides covering major tourist sights, TruTravels also gives you a good dose of local experiences. You can learn cooking, sign up for a massage session, go cycling, and even dine with locals. 

  • A social time!

As you will be traveling in small groups, there’s a good opportunity to get to know your fellow travelers. You get to mingle with like-minded people, share ideas, and learn from them. Some have even made lifelong friends! 

  • Experienced tour guides

There’s a western tour guide as well as a local tour guide to accompany you throughout the trip. As per many reviews, TruTravels seems to be great at their selection of tour guides as most of them have proven to be very knowledgeable, helpful, and fun! 

trutravels 2 for 1 greece
Image courtesy: TruTravels

What We Think TruTravels Could Do Better?

  • Offer more destinations

At present, TruTravels only covers a very limited number of destinations, most of them being Asian destinations. So, it’s not ideal for everyone. If you are planning a tour to Europe or Africa, you should check out other similar service providers like EF Ultimate BreakG Adventures, or Contiki.

  • Offers a seamless cancellation policy

Some customers have faced delays in their cancellation and refund process, especially during Covid-19. We also came across a handful of frustrated TruTravels’ reviews that complained about poor customer service. 

Is TruTravels Worth it?

TruTravels selection of activities, experiences, and accommodation seems to add up to an amazing experience with tons of opportunities to make new friends and memories.

The majority of people who have traveled with TruTravels have left positive reviews, raving about their vacation. So, we can say that it will live up to your expectations of a thrill-seeking, relaxing, and entertaining holiday. But it is recommended that you consider it primarily for South Asian destinations. 

Our Rating: 4.4/5


  • Authentic experiences
  • Knowledgeable tour guides
  • Reasonable prices


  • Limited destinations
  • Mediocre cancellation policy
  • Selective age range

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August 8, 2021

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