Best hostels in Mexico 2023: Backpackers' hidden-gem top picks!

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Best hostels in Mexico 2023: Backpackers' hidden-gem top picks!
It's no doubt that hostels are amongst some of the best choices to stay at for those travelers that are budget conscious. While cheaper in price, most hostels compromise on the quality. Keep reading to be in the know of the hostels that make zero compromises on quality while being affordable, providing the ultimate experience to all travelers!
Camila Wanderley
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Camila is a food and travel writer exploring the wonders of the world and the hospitality industry! She loves hotel and restaurant design, as well as discovering the best unique experiences one can have as a traveler!

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Mexico is one of the most popular countries in Latin America for backpackers. With its famous food, rich culture, beautiful beaches, and lavish parties, the country has been enchanting tourists worldwide. For budget travelers in Mexico, hostels can be a cheap and fun way to meet new people and visit some of the most incredible Mexican cities in the country. 

Hostels in Mexico are both safe and affordable. Famous destinations like Tulum, Mexico City, and Cancun are filled with comfortable and cheap accommodations for those traveling on a budget. Here, we will introduce 9 of the best hostels in Mexico for backpackers, digital nomads, solo travelers, among others.

If you'd like to know of the best hostels in Mexico City to stay at instead, we've also got you covered! For this guide, we'll be focusing on the best hidden-gem hostels in and around Mexico.

9 Best hostels in Mexico to consider for backpackers!


Location: Merida

Pool at Nomada Hostel Mexico Merida.
Image courtesy of Nomadas

Nomadas has been recently purchased by the Che chain of hostels, and it is the perfect spot to cool off in the hot weather of Merida. Nomadas has a gigantic swimming pool with hammocks hanging by the side.

It is ideal for a summer afternoon with like-minded travelers. The hostel is close to the historic center of Merida, suitable for exploring the city and the wonders of Yucatan. The staff at Nomadas is friendly and can suggest different itineraries and activities for your to try! 

It is one of the best hostels in Mexico with private rooms at an excellent price. Other rooms and dorms are also comfortable and spacious, and Wi-Fi and breakfast are included. They also offer yoga, salsa, and cooking lessons for guests. 

Casa Angel Youth

Location: Oaxaca 

Terrace at Casa Angel Youth Hostel Oaxaca Mexico
Image courtesy of Casa Angel Youth

Casa Angel Youth is within walking distance from most tourist attractions in Oaxaca. It is on the top of Lonely Planet's list for best hostels in Mexico, and their stylish decor and attentive staff are part of the reason why. Here you can find a spacious common area with plasma-screen TVs and Netflix, as well as complimentary breakfast and a well-equipped kitchen for you to cook your meals. 

Casa Angel Youth hostel offers yoga and salsa classes, free walking tours, mezcal tastings, barbecues, and pizza nights. They have a lively social atmosphere, with people always hanging out at the rooftop bar and enjoying the views of the city. It is also the perfect hostel for digital nomads, offering excellent Wi-Fi and working spaces. 

Hostel Che

Locations: Tulum, Playa del Carmen, Holbox, and Bacalar.

Che Hostel at Plata del Carmen Mexico
Image courtesy of Hostel Che

Hostel Che is a chain that can always maintain a backpacker environment, no matter the location. Usually close to the heart of town, here you can enjoy the swimming pool, hit the beach, or explore the shops, restaurants, and bars around.

It is a fantastic accommodation option for couples who want to save on lodging and meet new people. The rooms have air conditioning and comfortable beds. 

The staff here is always amicable and helpful. In Tulum, for example, they offer cheap tours around town, cocktail and cooking classes, karaoke nights, and beer pong championships. There is a kitchen for guests to cook their meals and a bar serving refreshing cocktails and food. 

Any Hostel Che will surprise you with their service, rooms, and activities to try!

Mayan Monkey 

Location: Tulum and Cancun

Mayan Monkey Hostel at Cancun Mexico
Image courtesy of Mayan Monkey

Mayan Monkey is a well-designed hostel that will make you feel luxurious while traveling on a backpacker budget. With a unit in Tulum and one in Cancun, this hostel delivers spacious, comfortable, and clean accommodations of multiple sizes. They also have well-equipped common areas, a pool and a bar, and outdoor areas that make you feel like you don't even need to leave the hostel to have a good time. 

Perfect for digital nomads, couples, and solo travelers, this hostel has a lively environment where you will always meet fellow travelers and party-goers. They have a rooftop swimming pool and Saturday BBQ pool parties in Cancun. In the Tulum unit, you can rent bikes that will take you to the heart of town and the beach.

Tribu Hostel

Location: Isla Holbox

Tribu Hostel Private Room Isla Holbox Mexico
Image courtesy of Tribu Hostel

Tribu Hostel is the ideal beach shack by the ocean. Its laid-back design and environment reflect the vibe and spirit of Isla Holbox, a "recently discovered" tourist attraction that has been rapidly growing in popularity. Here, guests are welcome to use the kitchen for cooking their meals or order drinks at the bar.

Also, there are hammocks in the garden where you can take that perfect afternoon nap after spending the day enjoying the beach, the tours, and the hostel's yoga classes. 

They offer different rooms, from dorms to private accommodations, all equipped with private bathrooms. The spaces are all packed with comfortable beds and decorated minimally, offering views of the garden outside. 


Locations: Playa del Carmen, Cancun, Guadalajara, Tulum, San Miguel de Allende, Isla Mujeres, Oaxaca, Sayulita, Puerto Escondido, Mexico City

Selina lounge at Mexico City
Image courtesy of Selina

The Selina chain is one of the most famous hostel choices globally. Known with the backpackers and digital nomad community, the Selina hostels are a reliable option to choose from.

Their Mexico units have comfortable and spacious accommodations, dorms, and private rooms. Selina is known for its "CoLive" program, perfect for digital nomads traveling the world to meet and socialize with new people but still within a quality work environment. 

Selina Hostel Lounge at Mexico City

They have excellent surfing programs in their beach units and rich cultural experiences to offer. Their hostels are modern and beautifully designed, all at accessible prices. Tours and parties are always part of the deal, and bars and restaurants serve creative and delicious drinks and meals. 

Amigo Suites Downtown

Location: Mexico City

Amigo Suites downtown.
Image courtesy of Amigo Suites

In the center of the historical town of Mexico City, Amigo Suites Downtown is the perfect hostel for those who love to party and enjoy the nightlife of the Mexican capital. The staff here is welcoming and will give you advice on the best bars and clubs in the area, as well as any special events occurring at the time of your stay.

This hostel is ideal for those who want to meet new people and enjoy the party scene of Mexico! They offer free Wi-Fi and breakfast and a terrace with hammocks and a bar. The rooms are colorful and spacious, with private and shared options, and most of them have TVs. 

Bambu Gran Palas 

Location: Tulum

Bambu Gran Palas Tulum Mexico
Image courtesy of Bambu Gran Palas

Amidst the jungle in Tulum, you will find Bambu Gran Palas, a hostel with its private Cenote! This creative hostel is perfect for those who want to have an exclusive experience under a tight budget. The private and dormitory rooms are covered with bamboo and coconut walls and decorated with a tropical jungle style. Everything is solar-powered, just a few steps from the beach. 

The hostel is a family-run establishment that will make you feel welcome and part of the group. The restaurant offers special burgers on Mondays, and the bar holds karaoke nights every Tuesday and Saturday. Happy hour happens every day from 3-6 pm. The hostel is also pet-friendly and offers free Wi-Fi!

Bambu Gran Palas from the outside

One Love 

Location: Puerto Escondido

One Love Hostel from the outside
Image courtesy of One Love

If you love surfing, you'll fall in love with One Love! Located steps away from Zicatela Beach, this boutique and the rustic spot is an eco-friendly space with a 1960s hippie design. The rooms are cabanas with palapa rooftops, named after famous rock bands or artists from dormitories to private lodges. Here, the peaceful vibes of the beach meet the rock and roll environment of the hostel to create a unique experience for travelers. 

They offer many tours and activities, from yoga classes to scuba diving and seasonal whale spotting. The terrace and jacuzzi are perfect for meeting other travelers and relaxing after a day at the beach!

Plan your visit to Mexico with Pilot!

Mexico is a country with many hostels for young travelers on a budget. From digital nomads to couples or solo travelers trying to save up on lodging, there are plenty of safe and cheap options to pick from!

Here we try to help you choose the best hostel for your experience, making sure you enjoy every second of your trip! Why not start planning now?

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Camila Wanderley
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Camila is a food and travel writer exploring the wonders of the world and the hospitality industry! She loves hotel and restaurant design, as well as discovering the best unique experiences one can have as a traveler!

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