Go-to Sziget Festival Guide for 2023

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Go-to Sziget Festival Guide for 2023
Getting pumped for Sziget 2023, one of the largest music festivals in Europe? Read our survival guide to make sure you don't miss out on the secret tips and tricks to avoid looking like a newbie at the Sziget festival!
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Sziget is the place to be for any music lover spending their summer in Europe.

Every year, more than 40000 music fans gather at Óbudai-Sziget, an island located in northern Budapest in the Danube river. With a long history of crazy concerts and fantastic atmosphere, it's no doubt that Sziget is one of the best festivals in Europe, if not the world.

Wondering what this year's lineup gonna be? Check out Sziget's 2023 lineup now!

Whether you're considering buying tickets or have already booked your flight to Budapest for this year's festival, this guide will spill all of the secret tips and tricks to ensure you have a great time there. Avoid looking like a total newbie at Sziget this summer!

Before we get into the tips and tricks, is Sziget any good?

Sziget Festival Logo
Image Courtesy of Sziget Festival

When is Sziget 2023?

This year, Sziget 2023 will be hosted from Thursday, August 10 to Tuesday, August 15. Get hyped and book your ticket before it runs out, the festival is sooner than you think! Use #Sziget2023 on social media to get hyped before the festival!

Will Sziget be worth it?

If you're looking for the best music festival to attend, Sziget is definitely up there. As one of the largest and most popular festivals in Europe, the Sziget is as wild, fun, and exciting as a music festival can be. Diverse and LGBTQ+ friendly, Sziget made "Love Revolution" its motto, and it shows!

People from all over the world gather every august to celebrate good music, freedom, and art in a truly inspiring setting. Sziget is the ultimate artistic and creative melting pot of Europe, and the 2023 edition is looking better and better.

Just think that the first international edition of the Sziget featured Frank Zappa's band, and you'll understand what the festival is all about!

Where is Sziget 2023 festival held?

The location of Sziget itself is entirely unique. Sziget festival is hosted on the Óbuda Island, close to the center of Budapest. Here's the address: Május 9. park, Budapest, Hungary, 1033.

The word "Sziget" means island in Hungarian, so as you can guess, the festival is held on a real natural island. The Old Buda Island is located at t the center of the Danube river, facing Budapest city center on both the Buda and Pest sides of the capital.

The festival location is easily reachable from Budapest's city center. For this reason, many take this opportunity to book a trip to Budapest a few days before the festival to do a bit of cultural sightseeing.

How can you get to the festival?

By car: Parking may be limited, but driving to Sziget festival from the heart of Budapest should be a breeze. However, if you plan on getting to Sziget by car, make sure to either arrive super early or come in slightly late to avoid the traffic to Sziget!

By plane: The Ferenc Liszt International Airport (BUD) is the closest airport to Sziget, located roughly 16 km from downtown Budapest.

By Sziget Express: If you're traveling in from a European country, chances are the Sziget Express passes through your country's train station. Party with other Sziget party-goers from all over the world before you arrive at the festival! Tickets sell out fast, so make sure to buy them asap if you're planning to arrive by train!

Others: You can also arrive at Sziget by bike, bus (Budapest pass), or taxi. Whichever mode of transportation you chose, make sure to plan ahead accordingly so you don't miss out on the festival!

Can I camp at Sziget?

Yes, camping at Sziget is not only allowed, but it is also the best way to live the festival and understand its spirit! If you own a 6-day pass, or even just 2 consecutive day tickets, you can camp freely inside Sziget.

You can bring your own tent (highly advisable) or buy a camping kit from the festival. Camping kits are great, but the accommodation won't be remotely as comfortable as it could be if you brought your own spacious tent.

If you want to camp at Sziget, but you don't know the first thing about building a tent, we recommend a self-building tent. A great option is the 2-seconds 3-people tent

A Decathlon store is available in the Budapest city center, meaning you could buy the tent upon your arrival!

Camping at Sziget
Photo by Krists Luhaers on Unsplash

Sziget Packing List: 15 must-have items you'll need!

Before you head into Sziget, you'll need to be prepared. Here's a list of necessities you should definitely bring, along with a couple nice-to-haves:

  1. Power Banks: bring multiple ones for all your electronic devices. While sockets are available on the premises, they're in high demand, and you may have to wait in line to charge your phone.
  2. Earplugs and eye maskSleeping is crucial to enjoying the festival, especially if you're staying multiple days. Earplugs are great to keep the volume down, and an eye mask will allow you to take a nap during the day and party all night!
  3. Raincoat or poncho and rubber boots: be sure you're leaving for Sziget with waterproof footwear and a light coat. Umbrellas are not allowed on the island, and the weather might change unexpectedly.
  4. Sun Protectionsunglasses, and a hat or bandana: be prepared to face hot summer weather and the August sun. For the best sun protection, get sunscreens with at least 30 SPF, and reapply at least every 2 hours!
  5. Reusable water bottleAvoid having to refill often and keep yourself hydrated. It's a win-win and a must-have, especially for festivals. You can either opt for a standard water bottle or a hydration pack backpack!
  6. Waist bag: as unfashionable as you might find waist bags, they're great to keep your valuable close when partying and avoid a trip to the lost&found.
  7. ParacordCheap and valuable, it will help you hang your clothes and keep them away from the mud or dust. They are also handy for setting up tents or shelters!
  8. face Mask…not only for COVID! In dry weather, the island can get incredibly dusty. Integrate a fashionable face mask in your outfit to avoid breathing in the dust!
  9. Inflatable beds and sleeping bags: Unless you love spartan camping, an inflatable mattress and a sleeping bag will be necessary.
  10. Wet wipesas well as disinfectant gel, portable soap, and anything you might need to clean yourself.
  11. Disposable camera: At Sziget, the disposable camera does two things for you: It will catch unforgettable moments on film, and it'll keep you from using your phone to photograph or film everything. Forget the phone. A disposable camera means living in the moment!
  12. Swimsuit: at least one!
  13. First aid kitall of the essentials to treat minor injuries, plus summer-friendly vitamins and paracetamol.
  14. Enamel mug: A true evergreen of music festivals. You can drink coffee, have a drink, and even eat in it; sustainable and useful!
  15. Hiking shoes: not a must if you have good training shoes, but you may want to bring your most resistant, durable, and reliable footwear to Sziget. Remember, comfort is the most important, especially for long days with long periods of standing!
Partying at Sziget
Photo by Joey Thompson on Unsplash

3 items NOT to bring to Sziget:

1.    Alcohol and illegal substances in general: if you're looking for cheap alcohol, Budapest is just filled with it! Having pre-drinks in the city or right outside the festival gates is always an option.  

2.    Gas stove: camping and gas stoves go hand in hand, but not at Sziget. Unfortunately, cooking equipment is not allowed. However, the food options inside are virtually endless and super cheap!

3.    Firecrackers: or basically anything flammable and dangerous. The best artistic and alternative entertainment awaits you at Sziget, and there's no need for explosives.

5 Tips and tricks to survive Sziget!

Here are the 5 must-know tips and tricks to survive the awesome 7 days at sziget.

1. Get your prepaid festival card.

Avoid bringing cash (you might lose it) or your debit cards around the island. Getting your Sziget prepaid card at the entrance and recharging it through your bank app is the safest way to handle money during the festival.

2. Drink water

Whenever there's an opportunity to drink water: drink! Keep yourself hydrated and if you see a fountain, remember to refill your water bottle.

3. Get rest during the day.

If you brought facemasks, resting during the day will be a piece of cake. Recharge during the day, wake up at sunset, and enjoy a night of partying!

4. Pack smart

Be mindful when packing your outfits: you may want to be your most fashionable self on Sziget, but also prepare for multiple days of concerts and parties! The perfect Sziget outfit consists of your most comfortable clothes plus crazy hair and make-up! Go crazy on the glitter, but wear a cotton light-colored t-shirt! Also, a good trick is to bag each outfit individually. This will help you get dressed in the morning and find things easily, and it also will keep your clothes protected from rain!

5. Place your tent under a tree.

Shade is your best friend! Consider getting a few days earlier to put your tent down in the best possible spot in the camping area. The space under the trees is limited and gets filled up fast.

Everything to know about Sziget tickets:

How much does it cost to go to Sziget?

When planning a budget for Sziget, you need to account for different variables.

First of all, you'll need tickets: a single-day ticket costs 75-105 euros. Multiple days pass guarantee you a discount, but they usually sell out quickly.

Find the tickets here.

Consider how far you live from Hungary and how easy it is for you to reach Budapest. Another factor is accommodation: do you already own a tent? Are you planning on purchasing a camping kit from the festival?

Overall, participating in the Sziget festival can be super cheap if handled correctly, especially if you've packed consciously!

When are Sziget tickets on sale?

Sziget tickets are on sale now! You can book passes and single-day tickets on the official website.

Are Sziget tickets refundable?

Sziget has a no refund policy on tickets. If you booked your tickets and you're no longer able to attend the festival, the safest way to exchange them is through Ticketswap at the dedicated Sziget section.

Plan your trip to the Sziget Festival now!

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