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Timeshifter App Review [2023]: Say Goodbye to Jet Lag!

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January 4, 2023
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Armela Escalona
If you've ever suffered from jet lag during a trip, you'll know how annoying it is. Whether missing itineraries because of fatigue or being moody during your vacation, jet lag is a pain. Timeshifter claims to be the solution to jet lag, but are they really a solution or just a gimmick? Learn more about what we've discovered!

The worst nightmare for most travelers around the world is jet lag. While moderate symptoms can be annoying, severe symptoms can seriously mess with your schedule, leaving you tired and moody.

Jet lag occurs when your body can't adapt immediately after being in a new location with a different time zone. When you're on vacation, this can instantly disrupt the mood and ruin your plans for the day. What if we tell you there's an app that can help with jet lag? 

Introducing Timeshifter. Timeshifter is a travel companion app that's designed for regular travelers. Like travel apps we've reviewed, such as Packpoint, Calm, and Zenly, Timeshifter optimizes travel time and experience by giving users the solution to jet lag. 

Is Timshifter as good as it sounds, and is it worth the download? Keep reading to find out!

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Image Courtesy of Timeshifter

What is Timeshifter?

Timeshifter is an app that "resynchronizes" your body clock with the new time zone through a specific sleep and caffeine schedule. The plan is personalized based on your trip and your normal sleep cycles. 

The app tells you when you should sleep when you should "seek light," and when you should get some caffeine. It does this throughout your day, giving you prompt alerts to stay on schedule.

According to Timeshifter's CEO Mickey Beyer-Clausen, Timeshifter is the best solution to jetlag because it doesn't just deal with the symptoms of jetlag—it actually "shifts the clock in our brains," making it one of the world's best solutions to jetlag. 

When was Timshifter created?

Timeshifter was co-founded in 2017 by Danish entrepreneurs Jacob Ravn, Mickey Beyer-Clausen, and Tony Hanna. Their app was launched in 2018 and quickly rose to the top of the charts in the jet lag app sections. 

It also garnered many awards, such as the National Sleep Foundation's 2019 SleepTech® Award, Fast Company's 2021 World-Changing Ideas, and Health Magazine's 2020 Sleep Award. 

Timeshifter - The Shift Work App

Not only does Timeshifter helps you with jet lag, but they've also created an app to help workers deal and adjust to unusual shifts. The Shift Work app allows users to optimize sleep using alerts, monitoring, and personalized tips, similar to how Timeshifter works. 

Shift Work provides personalized expert advice based on workers' sleep patterns, chronotypes, work schedules, and constraints using scientific data and advice.

The Shift work app by timeshifter preview
Image Courtesy of Timeshifter

Key features of the Work Shift app:

  • Easy entry of work shift schedules
  • Push notifications on personalized advice
  • Practicality filter with easy-to-follow advice
  • Predicts and work around fatigues
  • Intuitive help with helpful charts

How Does Timeshifter App Work?

Timeshifter uses sleep, flight, and health information to create a scheduled day plan for you. The app instructs you to do a couple of things based on the provided data. 

Examples of things you're required to do to adjust to your new time zone are: 

  • Avoid bright light
  • Take a nap
  • Use melatonin
  • Sleep in these X hours

Each person has their own personalized day plan based on their data. Wondering how they know how to do this? The staff behind Timeshifter operates under the advice of sleep experts and therapists. 

The team consists of neuroscientists and sleep experts studying sleep for decades. Their combined knowledge is transformed into this app that gives consumers an hour-by-hour plan to combat jet lag. 

Timeshifter jet lag planning app
Photo by Abbie Bernet on Unsplash

What are the Best Features of Timeshifter?

Practicality Filter

The advice users receive is applicable in almost all scenarios. It's a fantastic solution for frequent travelers or people who travel for work and have to deal with jet lag regularly. 

Pre-travel Adjustment

Crossing time zones can have an effect on your body's own natural clock. Timeshifter's pre-travel adjustment feature allows you to begin doing small steps to reset your body clock before the start of your travel. 

Advice Notifications

You don't have to open the app to see prompts and task notifications with Timeshifter's neat notification system. 

Offline experience

Don't have a connection for the time being? No worries, Timeshifter can work in offline mode and across all time zones. 

Quick Turnaround

This feature can be helpful for travelers who frequently make short trips. 

How Much Does Timeshifter Cost?

Timeshifter has two plans available for its users. The First jet lag plan is free (one-way/round-trip). After your first trip, you'll be charged on an as-needed basis for $9.99 per trip. You'll also be able to purchase their annual subscription plan for 24.99$.

The Shift Work App gives you a 2-week free trial and costs you around 9.99$ per month or 69.99$ annually.

What Are People Saying About Timeshifter?

The Pros 

It's good for any travelers. Timeshifter's plans can benefit more than just travelers on long-distance flights. It's also suitable for business travelers who fly on regular short trips throughout the year. 

Plans are easy to follow. The guidance on caffeine, sleep, and light avoidance is easy to follow. You don't need to do anything too extreme—except sometimes, it might require staying up for several hours in the middle of the night. 

Saves your energy and helps you enjoy your time. Jet lag can ruin many trips because of the time difference "hangover ."Timeshifter enables you to avoid this, thus allowing you to enjoy your vacation more!

Impression of being jet lagged by a pug.
Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash

The Cons

It's not made for pilots and flight attendants. Unfortunately, the app isn't suited for people who work on airlines due to their strict schedules on time-off and sleep. 

Glitchy. Some users complain about the app not running well on some phone models. The offline version also sometimes doesn't work, meaning users can't do any of the tasks in the guide. 

Is Timeshifter Worth It? 

As a jet lag travel planner app, Timeshifter does a fantastic job of personalized solutions. Crafted and designed by experts, it knows how to guide individuals to tackle the causes of jet lag based on their flight details and personal data. 

However, this might not be for you if you're not a frequent traveler or on a budget. Unfortunately, while there is a free trial, the app is not free. This app might not be for you if you don't suffer from jet lag as much as others do.

Overall, it's a fantastic app that delivers a personalized jet lag plan for people looking for easy and doable solutions. 

Our Rating: 4.6/5


  • Helps reduces jet lag
  • Push notifications
  • Offline mode
  • Easy-to-follow expert advice
  • Maximizes travel by saving time


  • Not for those with stubborn schedules
  • Expensive for casual/infrequent travelers.
  • Common glitches and bugs

Plan ahead!

Aside from solving all your jet plag problems, the Timeshifter app is a fantastic tool to help you enjoy your vacations more. Created by sleep experts who have studied sleep for years, this app does a tremendous job of helping make sure you are jet lag-free wherever your destination is. 

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