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Travefy Review: Itinerary planning solution for travel agencies?

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February 13, 2022
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Miriam Jaffe
Miriam Jaffe
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Travefy is an itinerary management solution for travel agencies or tour operators, but are they actually legit? What are their features and pricing? How do they compare to TripIt? Find out exactly what they are and what people are saying about Travefy before you purchase Travefy Pro now.

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For many people, planning a travel adventure from start to finish can be stressful and a lot of work. You have to book flights, hotels, dinners, sightseeing, and so much more, all while making sure you stick to your budget and time constraints! 

Many people turn to a travel agent for help to make it all a little less overwhelming. Where do travel agents go to help plan trips for their clients, you may ask? One destination they may go to is Travefy. We've previously reviewed TripIt, a similar itinerary building service. However, Travefy differs from TripIt because they're not exactly for all travelers. 

Curious if you might be able to make use of this site as a travel agent (or as someone who loves travel planning)? Read on for more information!

Travefy Logo.
Image Courtesy: Travefy

What is Travefy?

Founded in 2012, Travefy is an itinerary building service specifically designed for travel agents, tour operators, and suppliers. Their services include:

  • Itinerary management.
  • An easy way to generate proposals and quotes for clients.
  • Beautiful marketing features to show off trips. 

With a database of restaurants, hotels, points of interest, and more, their drag and drop feature makes it easy to personalize an itinerary for any client's needs. This feature makes Travefy great while keeping everything organized and easy to digest. 

Travefy also has City Guides which can be used by agents and clients alike to find points of interest in any city and to gain information about a specific destination.

All-in-one travel business tool for travel planning travefy.
Image Courtesy: Travefy

How much does Travefy Pro cost? 

Travefy isn't a free service, but you can test it out using the free ten-day trial. After that time, using Travefy costs either $39 a month, or you can pay for a whole year, which lowers the price to $31 a month but will be $372 upfront. 

Using the app does come with a free mobile app for clients, though, so travel agents can easily communicate and share details! You can find a complete list of all the plan details and features here

Due to the cost associated with Travefy, we wouldn't see as much value for travel agents who are just starting out. This is because there's no guarantee of clients with whom this service would help. The cost is also one of the reasons why Travefy isn't designed for any traveler wanting to plan an itinerary.  

Travefy Pro monthly and annual costs.
Image Courtesy: Travefy

Travefy's app for clients

One of the best features of Travefy is the free app for clients. It's an unbranded "Trip Plans" mobile app, available on iOS and Android, allowing travel agents to share all the fun details of an itinerary with their clients. It will enable clients to access that information online and offline during their travels. The app also serves as a quick and efficient way for clients to contact their agents. Clients can approve proposals through the app, which will, in turn, generate their itinerary. 

In addition to the app, Travefy also allows agents to send itineraries and travel details via pdf. 

Image Courtesy: Travefy

Travefy Academy

Thinking of going into the travel agent industry or wanting to learn more about relevant information for travel agents? Travefy Academy is the perfect place to start. You'll find blog posts, podcasts, webinars, and more, all with opportunities for you to learn more about what it takes to be a travel agent and how you can best serve your clients. The best part? Every resource in Travefy Academy is free. You don't need to have purchased a plan with Travefy to access those resources!

Travefy Academy banner.
Image Courtesy: Travefy

Travefy vs. Tripit: What's the difference?

While Travefy is an excellent app for travel agents, it isn't the only itinerary planning app out there. One common comparison made is with Tripit. The most significant difference between the two is that Travefy is exclusively for travel agents. 

At the same time, Tripit can be used by anyone. They're both beneficial at showing your itinerary, and providing you detailed information about your trip, every step of the way. 

With Tripit, however, you're inputting your itinerary yourself and compiling it all in one place. Travefy will show you an itinerary put together by your travel agent. Tripit does have a free version, which Travefy doesn't (beyond the ten-day trial). Still, it doesn't allow you to find things to do in your destination or really include those in your itinerary. You have to do all that research yourself and input it into Tripit. 

If Travefy or Tripit isn't for you, check out some of the other top-rated travel planning apps here!

Travefy for travel agencies and agents.
Image Courtesy: Travefy

What are the reviews saying about Travefy?

There aren't many reviews of Travefy out there on typical review boards, as it's generally a service for travel agents rather than travelers themselves. That being said, it has received 4.9/5 stars on out of 138 reviews and holds 4.4/5 stars out of 58 reviews on Facebook. Amongst travel professionals, it ranks very highly, and travel agents are very complimentary of Travefy online. 

If you're curious to read some more of what travel agents say about Travefy, you can head to their review page! However, Travefy only displays positive reviews, so they might not accurately represent what users think of their services.

Travefy Careers

Do you want to try and improve Travefy's features and user-friendliness? You could help "shape the future of travel" by joining their team! You can find career openings here, but we think the perk of unlimited vacation sounds appealing!

Is Travefy worth it?

Overall, we'd say that Travefy has great features that would be worth it for travel agents, tour operators, and other travel management firms that can afford to pay premium for its services. With a mobile app included in their service, you can easily access itinerary building resources, guides, and databases as resources for your travel planning. However, with no free version after the 10-day free trial, we'd say that it's not worth it to most travelers, even if they're a detailed planner.

Travefy itineraries building preview.
Image Courtesy: Travefy

Our Rating: 4/5


  • Free mobile app for clients
  • Excellent itinerary building resources and tools for travel agents
  • Easy to deliver quality planning to clients
  • Helpful city guides and databases
  • Travefy Academy for learning resources


  • Only useful really for travel agents
  • High monthly cost
  • No free option

Have fun travel planning with Pilot!

One of the biggest appeals of services like Travefy is the ability to gather all the crucial details of your travels in one place and to make an itinerary for your adventures. 

If you're not a travel agent, though, the cost of Travefy wouldn't make sense, especially when you're on a budget. So what's the alternative? 

Why not give Pilot a try? Pilot, our brand new travel planning app, aims to make travel planning fun and social so that you and your friends and family can plan and go on trips together. Vote, chat, and plan trips all on one platform! Store all your travel documents, tickets, and information all in one place! More features, all for the price of zero dollars (For now). Don't wait and give it a try for yourself today!

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February 13, 2022

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